Monday, December 06, 2004

Times They Are A Changing

Dude - check it out:

Like, I have my own URL now and everything. And um, no more crappy slow as molasses Blogger.

Drop by angelheaded hipster for all my latest cultural ramblings.

Friday, December 03, 2004

Nick Stuffed That Jessica Stocking
My boss and I were talking to Nick about exteneding his intro for Jessica by 30 secs. We asked him what he wanted to say about her.

These are [Nick’s] exact words...

"Let's see what could I say.......Do you really want me to tell you...... Not too many nice things to say about her (this is [we] started sweating and getting uncomfortable)... How about she was the best stocking I ever stuffed?" He then proceeded to say, "She was the best Chimney I've ever come down on."

What scared me about those comments, besides the obvious, is that he was dead serious. His manager didn't even laugh. It wasn't said as a joke. It was almost like he was pissed off. There was def. an edge to it. And the talking in past tense really threw me off.

Bottom line is that her parents have ruined her into this celebrity robot and because of that her marriage sucks.
From an email sent to Gawker.

Wacky Interviews

Even I have never done the crap pulled in these interviews.

It's always good to be fresh with your interviewing skillz. Not because you expect to get canned, but just in case the need arises...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Random, Stretching Connection to Famous Peeps

Yes, I am watching the O.C. You gonna do somethin about it?

At any rate, watching this reminds me of my 7 degrees separation claim to fame - my sister's noisy band neighbors who pound on her roof at random times of the day and night? They're none other than the band that performs the theme song on the O.C. That lil gig has allowed them to (probably) move out of the house and only use it as their practice space. Isn't success grand?

But I know what everyone really wants to know is when will the Chrismika hats be on?!?!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I hate when people take credit for your work, don't you?

On a positive note, I'm enjoying The Tao of Abundance.

Monday, November 29, 2004

My Roommate Rocks

She taped Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Desperate Housewives for me. WOOHOO!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Blogger Navel Gazing

Jeff Jarvis wrote an article on the future of blogs in the Philly Inquirer. Unfortunately, you have to register with the site to read the bland article. Eh. Not really worth it, but I thought I'd note that I read something whilst waiting for mi chavo to pick me up for a pleasant French bistro meal. I'll let you know if they make a stink b/c I'm wearing jeans.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Frickin Doctors

First of all, have you ever heard of a doctor who refuses to accept checks?!?! Second, who the fuck asks you to make your copay before you've ever seen the damn doctor?!?! Third, why not let me know that the doctor is running 45 minutes late instead of making me wait? Fourth, if you aren't the doctor, don't expect me to immediately talk to you about my problems, especially if you never bother to tell me who you are or what your qualifications are.

Omigod. I went to see a dermatologist. A dermatologist. And I had to sit in a waiting room with a video running on a loop regarding male boob reduction. And then I was told that I must take an antibiotic for my acne that would make it necessary for me to use two forms of birth control. I repeatedly asked what the point of taking The Pill is if you make it ineffective as birth control. I then repeatedly asked for a different regimen because I'm not willing to give up using the pill just to make my face look better. (Not that I've even started the pill.) Here's my thinking: mi chavo loves me and doesn't care about my zits. I love him and want effective birth control more than I want a clear face.

You would've thought I'd asked the damn man to help me create more zits on my face. He talked to me like I was an idiot and like no woman has ever chosen birth control over a zit-free face. At the end of him saying we'd start with a vitamin and two lotions, I piped up again to ask exactly what I was supposed to use to wash my face. His reply? "Let's try the Japanese method of using a steamed washcloth and warm water." Excuse me? You're telling me I don't even get to wash the fuckin grime off my face?!? Not to mention he repeatedly told me to not put anything on my face - as in every single day I'm expected to wear zero makeup. Let's see. This doctor, like every doctor before him, shrank back from the view of my face (I purposely didn't put anything on today so he could see everything in its full glory). WTF?!?!?!

omigod. This is enough to drive me back to smoking.

More Reasons Not to Bother Trying to Write A Book

Today's WSJ includes an article titled "So Much to Read, So Few Readers." Here's a summary of the article:

1. New magazines will have to partner with Evil Corporations like Wal-Mart to reach anyone cause no one wants to shell out the money necessary for a traditional launch.

2. Women buy more mags than men. O, the Oprah Magazine and Lucky are burning up in sales, with Real Simple also doing well.

3. Advertisers question the validity of all newspapers' circ statements since three relatively big ones have already admitted to cooking the books.

4. Edit and Ads are getting closer and closer. But you already knew this, since you already read Lucky, the catalogue published by the Nasty.

5. Young folks just don't read nuthin but entertainment news and really short hard news. That's why you have to go after us with annoying street vendors of 25 cent "training wheel" newspapers. Of course, our lack of newspaper subscriptions has nothing to do with the fact that other than the WSJ, you can get them all for free online.

6. The Worst News
175,000 new book titles were published in 2003, a 19% increase over 2002.
Less and less people are reading books.
Amazon is getting "used" copies of books listed on their site 2-3 days after a book is published.
A very small number of authors are getting huge advances, as publishers bet on who they think will be the Next Big Thing. The rest probably can't make a living as writers b/c no one reads their first book and/or buys it for half price (and no royalties) as a Used Book on Amazon.